What do we do?

We are dedicated to the Maintenance and Sharpening of cutting tools for the industry. We can, after study, help you to optimize your tools

We have latest machinery to offer the best quality at a competitive price.

- Prior Design tool
- Drill bits in one or more diameters with angular intersections
- Drills with radial conical front face
- End mills, radial front, toric, left spiral, etc.
- Drills profile, circular, shape, etc.
- Reamers in one or more diameters

The qualities we produce are:
HSS (high speed steel)
HSSCO (fast cobalt steel)
ASP (high speed steel powder metallurgy)
MD (micro-grain solid carbide)

We can also coat the tool once made
TIN (titanium)
TICN (titanium carbonitride)
TIALN (titanium carbonitride aluminum oxide)

What we offer?

An agile and fast service; both sharp and reconstruction, or design and manufacture of new tool.

Optimizing Your Cutting Tools, our technical department can study any problems and help you to improve the life of your tools.